Thursday, July 14, 2016


Recommend to use Win10 on these SSD,
Win10 with better sound than Window Sever 2012

M2 PCIE SSD is connecting to CPU directly,
Doesn't connect via SATA controller of south bridge,
In the other hand,
Main board upgrade clock module is not necessary to PCIE SSD,
H1xx chip set for the LGA1151 CPU with clock module is not compatible with OCXO PCIE SSD,
Recommend to use regular LGA1151 main board with PCIE SSD.

In general,
PCIE SSD with better detail to full audio frequency range and wider sound stage than SATA SSD,
SATA SSD is more warmth and body.

M2 PCIE SSD with adapter board,
Full size bracket include,
Adapter board is high,
Could not use the low profile bracket.

This SSD is compatible with PCIE 4X & 16X slot,
PCIE 1X slot is not compatible.
It work with all mother boards,
And installing OS via standard installation wizard possible. 
(Main board with clock upgrade module may not compatible,
Recommend to use regular main board for PCIE SSD)

Because OCXO module need much more current than TCXO module,
Recommend to powered the OCXO module with separated 5V PSU ,
Offer free 30cm Y cable for the OCXO module.
You could powered the OCXO module with PC PSU or LPSU.

Offer 256G & 512G only,
Recommend to use 256G for the OS disk,
SATA SSD for the music SSD.

Please avoid to use rescue soft ware, 
Rescue soft ware may cause the SSD damaged,

Offer one year warranty,
Using Rescue soft ware is no warranty.

256G $USD699,
512G $USD899,
Free shipping world wide include.


Fixing holes is compatible with FC10,FC5 chassis

Please avoid to use rescue soft ware ,
Rescue soft ware may cause the SSD damaged,

Offer one year warranty,
Using Rescue soft ware is no warranty.

Offer 240G & 480G so far,
240G $USD299,
480G $USD399,
Free shipping world wide include.

Friday, May 13, 2016



15th/Aug./2016  Upgrade

Please refer to the user's feedback

Both 44.1 and 48 khz clocks works ok so far.

I'm using AES/EBU connection to another DAC (with AK4399 chip).
I notice rather big resolution and soundstage,
on some tracks I'd say it's huge.
Lot of air. Dynamic range is ok.
No harshness. Very impressive vocal, thundering bass.
Cann't say much about the depth of the soundstage,
because my TH900 headphones doesn't have the feature to render the depth(not like Sennheiser HD 800).

Will try to compare with the streamer's own DAC later.

Decided to stay with internal dac of the streamer.
The reason is that there's no harshness.
My old dac on AK4399 had big resolution but also some instruments sounded sharply.
In addition all musical instruments have 3d dimension on the streamer.
Very natural timbres.
Marvelously tasty piano.
Impressive, emotional vocal.
Cann't say much about the depth of the soundstage because it's not the strong point of my TH900 headphones.
The one thing I'd wish is to slightly lower the tonal balance.
Still, thank you Paul,
excellent piece for its money!
My dac was much more expensive.
Hope 3 seconds drops in the end of tracks and no option to play only one directory will be solved by the software developer.

$USD1499 plus $USD100 shipping 

This Streamer bundle with a high quality DSD DAC,
Could playing DSD music with an integrated amplifier.
It is the most easy & cheap way to play DSD music.

AC 220V or 110V input ,
Digital Output : AES/EBU , SPDIF , OPT.
Analog Output : RCA ( unbalance )

Support NAS, USB HHD , USB Stick , SD card in FAT or NTFS format

Remote control

Cell phone remote APP,
Android & iPhone.
Android APP download:

  • Support format
  • WAV
  • WAV : 16bit - 44.1K / 48K / 88.2K / 96K / 176.4K / 192K
  • WAV : 24bit - 44.1K / 48K / 88.2K / 96K / 176.4K / 192K
  • WAV : 32bit - 44.1K / 48K / 88.2K / 96K / 176.4K / 192K
  • float & integer
  • WAV + CUE
  • APE
  • APE  : 16bit -  44.1K / 48K / 88.2K / 96K / 176.4K / 192K   (fast & normal & high & (extra high to 96K)
  • APE  : 24bit -  44.1K / 48K / 88.2K / 96K / 176.4K / 192K   
  • fast & normal & high & (extra high to 96K)
  • MAC_3.96、3.97、3.98、3.99、4.01
  • APE + CUE
  • FLAC
  • FLAC : 16bit -  44.1K / 48K / 88.2K / 96K / 176.4K / 192K   
  • FLAC : 24bit -  44.1K / 48K / 88.2K / 96K / 176.4K / 192K   
  • FLAC + CUE
  • DSD (Bundle dual AK4495SEQ DAC for DSD64,DSD128)
  • DSF : DSD64 / 2.822400MHz ,1bit DoP  or source code
  • DSF : DSD128 / 5.644800MHz , source code
  • DFF DSD64 / 2.822400MHz ,1bit DoP or source code
  • DFF : DSD128 / 5.644800MHz , source code
  • DSD ISO:
  • non com. DST ISO playing ,1bit DoP or source code
  • MP3  

  • 1. PPA modified Dual AK4495SEQ DAC inside.
    2. PPA OCXO module inside.
    3. 3 x Talema power transformer inside.
    4. High performance separated regulator modules inside.
    5. TZ YUN high end grade power cables inside.
    6. PPA  suspension system

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016

    CF to SATA adapter

    CF is much slower to SSD,
    These CF to SATA adapter offer to who know the CF's performance only.
    It is no return & no refund.
    Offer one year warranty.

    TCXO CF to SATA adapter ,
    Standard SSD fixing holes could mount with SSD bracket.
    Clock module is compatible with my SSD board.

    OCXO CF to SATA adapter ,
    Standard SSD fixing holes could mount with SSD bracket.
    Clock module is compatible with my SSD board.

    I accept paypal & T/T,
    Please email for the paypal invoice.

    Sunday, July 5, 2015


    Audio Grade Switcher

    NAS + Router + PPA switch + Linn MAJIK DSM

    Original system:
    NAS + Router + media converter (Lan-Optical-Lan)
    + Linksys switch + Cat.7 La + Linn MAJIK DSM

    Commend from PPA user:
    "My setup is NAS->router->switch->media converter (Lan-Optical-Lan)->Linn Majik DSM. 
    Originally I was using the Linksys LGS105 giga switch. 
    Once I plugged the PPA switch to replace my Linksys. 
    I selected the song which I used to play for AB test every time I changed equipment. 
    I was so surprised about the sound changed!
    It's so deep in bass and full of dynamic. 
    The sound stage became very broad. 
    Unlike I changed other gadgets like media converter. 
    I do not need to loop back the song and listen it carefully in order to "search" the difference. 
    I immediately played all my favourite songs one by one and enjoyed the music."

    Audio Grade Switcher was designed to improve the sound quality with Jplay dual PC mode and NAS playing.

    High Priority for NAS or Control PC,

    Reclock by Low Jitter TCXO module with Sliver Output Transformer.

    This Switcher accept 5V to 2.1mm DC jack only,
    Higher input voltage will burn the Swithcher.
    Switching 5V adapter (input 100V to 240V) include,
    Recommend to use linear PSU or Battery PSU for the better sound quality.

    Recommend to use TZ YUN Red Lan cable for the best sound quality.

    Offer one year warranty,
    High voltage burned or drop is not  clude,
    No warranty and no service if the warranty stick has been remove.

    Audio Grade Switcher $USD149 including free shipping world wide,

    Audio Grade Switcher with 60cm TZ YUN Red Lan Cable $USD299 including free shipping world wide,

    I accept paypal & T/T,
    Please email for the paypal invoice.

    Wednesday, February 25, 2015

    160W pico PSU

    12V 160W pico PSU
    Bundle with TZ YUN power cables,
    Standard version calbles length:
    CPU 40cm,
    Input 40cm,
    Molex for USB card 40cm,
    SATA for SSD 40cm.
    Different connectors,cables length,Wide range input are available

    Standard version $USD199 including free shipping 

    Accep paypal or T/T,
    Please email for the paypal invoice.

    Thursday, September 4, 2014



    This  adapter is a powerful regulator for battery or DC input.
    At 5V output it could offer 3A output current,
    It could powered 3 x SSD or SSD + USB CARD + DDC at  the same time.

    60mm wide, 50mm high, 80mm deep,
    Net weight 300 gram.

    Full heavy aluminum chassis with protect,
    Won't burn device and easy to use.

    3PIN XLR inlet for DC input.
    Pin 1 is GND, Pin 2 is input.

    3PIN XLR inlet for DC output.
    Pin 1 is GND,
    Pin 3 for under 5V output,
    Pin 2 for over 9V output. 

    Offer 3.3V,5V,9V,12V,15V,24V fixing output.

    $USD99 including free shipping world wide.

    OUTPUT cable

    TZ YUN top grade power cable price list:
    Under 1M length is $USD38/per cable 
    Over 1M to 2M length is $USD58/per cable

    If you want to powered 3 x SSD,
    The Price of cable is $USD38 x 3 under 1M length.
    If you want to  powered SSD and USB card like photo above,
    The Price of cable is $USD38 x 2 under 1M length.

     INPUT cable

    TZ YUN power cable set:
    $USD48 under 1M length,

    You could any battery you like for this battery adapter

    12V & 5V adapters with one 12V/12Ah Lead-Acid battery for DVD-ROM
    You could use one 12V/12Ah Lead-Acid battery 12V & 5V adapters for DVD-ROM & HHD.
    Min. battery output voltage is 12.5V.

    Output cable with RED mark is for 5V adapter,
    Output cable without mark is for 12V adapter,
    SATA power connector is for DVD-ROM or HHD

    I accept paypal and T/T,
    Plaese email for the paypal invoice.


    Sunday, August 10, 2014


    Sabre DAC
    This DAC is base on the ESS9018 DAC chip and has been highly modified.

    Size: Wide 32cm, Deep 22cm, High 8cm

    Input & Output:
    Input 1 : Spdif ( RCA ) & AES/EBU (Only one input could be used in the same time)
    Input 2 : Toslink
    Input 3 : USB 

    tput 1 : RCA
    Output 2 : XLR ( true balance)

    Twin R-Core power transformer with top audio grade power cables

    PPA OCXO module inside.
    Well balance to all frequency range,
    Very powerful dynamic with natural & silk smooth sonic.
    Flowing music just like the top grade Vinyl system. 
    Especially with 192KHz Hi-Res playing.

    Audio grade plus transformer direct coupled with Coaxial input.
    The ground of coaxial input has been isolated by the plus transformer,
    Ensure the min. grounding noise interference.

    PPA tuning technology with selected audio grade capacitors.


    Bundle with XMOS U8 DDC for the USB input

    USB driver for Window

    1. Volume control : Digital volume control from -120dB to 0dB
    2. Dual R-Core power transformer,110V or 220V AC input
    3. Full aluminum Chassis with vibration control system
    4. PPA OCXO module inside
    5. Silver pulse transformer for the Spdif & AES input
    6. Separated power supply unit
    7. Audio grade capacitor with PPA tuning technology

    Offer one year warranty,
    If warranty stick broken is not include.

    Price : US$1190 plus US$100 shipping
    Available on September / 2016

    1M Red II usb cable costs US$349

    1.2M Red AES/EBU cable costs US$299
    Accept pre-order,
    US$1190 for the Pre-order,

    Pre-order own free shipping.
    Plus free PPA 1M Red II USB or free 1.2M PPA Red AES/EBU cable

    Accept paypal & T/T,
    Please email for the paypal invoice.